Our Company

Q-State is a precision medicine company focused on discovering and developing new genetically targeted medicines for people living with pain, epilepsy, and other disorders of electrically excitable cells.

We combine an unparalleled suite of technologies and capabilities – including expertise in human cellular modelling, unique measurement tools, and deep analytics – into a proprietary discovery platform. Beginning with a validated genetic target, we leverage our platform to reconstitute disease mechanisms in genetically faithful models, to reveal the physiological differences between diseased and healthy states, and to design and evaluate candidate therapeutics. The strength of our platform enables us to identify proprietary therapeutic candidates with greater precision at an earlier stage of development, thereby increasing the probability of success in delivering more targeted and effective therapeutics to patients.

Genetic Target

Internal tools and datasets facilitate the identification of targets with clear implications for disease.

Human Models

Genetically faithful human cellular models and cutting-edge technologies enable robust evaluation of serious diseases.

Therapy Design

Expertise in design and discovery of genetically targeted medicines generates a breadth of opportunities for therapeutic intervention.