Our Company

We are a precision medicine company creating new genetically targeted medicines for people living with nervous system disorders. Our comprehensive approach enables us to discover and deliver transformative treatments with greater precision and speed than traditional methods.

Our proprietary ResQueTM Platform incorporates an unparalleled suite of technologies to map each patient’s unique genome to a genetic therapy that targets the root cause of disease. Underlying these elements is our ability to reconstitute disease mechanisms in human cellular models, and to apply proprietary optogenetic tools that reveal the physiological differences between diseased and healthy states. We use advanced computational techniques incorporating machine learning to accelerate therapeutic discovery and development.

ResQueTM Platform

Patient Access

Partnerships enable the search and identification of patients for improved target identification, cohort stratification, and clinical trial recruitment.

Genetic TargetĀ 

Clinical sequencing provides a direct path to genomic data on previously uncharacterized diseases.

Human Models

Genetically faithful human cellular models and cutting-edge technologies enable robust evaluation of serious diseases.

Therapy Design

Expertise in design and discovery of genetically targeted medicines generates a breadth of opportunities for therapeutic intervention.

All of our work contributes to the development of valuable datasets that link medical records, personal genomics,
and functional biology datapoints to drive expedited and targeted therapeutic development.