Our Company

Q-State is a discovery stage therapeutics company advancing programs for the treatment of epilepsy, pain, and other disorders of the central nervous system. We combine powerful enabling technologies along three axes into a proprietary platform that enables novel discovery of optimized genetically targeted medicines.



Patient Derived Neuronal Models

  • Unique & proprietary models
  • Capture complex human disease biology
  • Reproducibility and at ultra large scale
  • Uniformity & consistency






Determinative Measurement

  • OptopatchTM: vast cellular datasets with single neuron and single action potential resolution
  • Advanced engineering for fast, sensitive stimulation & detection of neuronal activity with light
  • High throughput methods for insights into neuronal function


AI and Machine Learning

  • Algorithmic extraction of hundreds of features of neuronal activity
  • Analytics across cutting edge assay outputs to discover disease phenotypes
  • Insights into disease phenotypes
  • Identify optimized therapeutics