Software Development Engineer


Q-State Biosciences is seeking a versatile software engineer to maintain and develop key software components that will control our next generation of custom, imaging instruments. Our mission is to develop precision treatments for disorders of the nervous system. We have developed a patented, all-optical system for measuring cellular electrophysiology with unequaled precision and throughput. You will work with a diversely talented team of software and instrumentation engineers to push our capabilities, throughput, quality, and reliability to the next level. The code you write will be responsible for accurately and dependably generating terabytes of data per day that feeds into our custom data analysis pipelines.


The position requires advanced C#/.NET coding skills, working knowledge of MATLAB, experience writing software that interacts with hardware, and the ability to work with data pipelines. You will work on a wide range of tasks, from low-level hardware controls to graphical user interfaces and integration with analysis pipelines. The control software communicates with a wide variety of hardware devices, including data acquisition systems, motor controllers, high-speed cameras, fluidic robots, display devices, and optical device controls.

Candidates should have a broad technical background, solid coding experience, a strong knowledge of computer science, algorithms and object-oriented programming, and demonstrated success designing and implementing real-time software controls. Experience writing software for scientific cameras and National Instruments DAQ devices is a major plus. You should be comfortable with an agile development process and embrace best practices in modern software development.

Minimum Qualifications Required

  • Minimum BS in a STEM area, MS desirable
  • 2+ years software development experience
  • Advanced coding skills in C#/.NET with strong GUI programming, or familiar with other UI frameworks
  • Working knowledge of software development lifecycle, including requirements engineering
  • Familiar with version control systems such as Git
  • Good technical communication skills verbally and in writing
  • Working knowledge of MATLAB, Python, Perl, R
  • Strong grounding in OO principles and software design
  • Willing to learn and open to other assignments such as database/web programming

Additional Qualifications Desired

  • Experience with cloud computing and AWS
  • Familiar with DevOps or automated software build and testing
  • Experience with SQL, query optimization, and Amazon RDS
  • Experience working with chemical data, including compound structures
  • Basic understanding of microscopy, biology, neurobiology, or electrophysiology
  • Basic understanding of statistical methods and machine learning algorithms
  • Experience in image processing

To apply for this job please visit Q-State’s workforcenow online Career Center