Senior Research Associate


In the Cell Biology Department, the Senior Research Associate will support and execute Q-State’s cutting edge neuronal production and characterization of disease models by working closely with Q-State’s scientific and management team to perform studies in a high quality and scientifically rigorous fashion.


  • Execute and troubleshoot experiments that support high quality production of neuronal cultures for Q-State’s multiple customer-based and R&D projects
  • Establish primary cultures of neurons by performing dissociations of rodent CNS tissues
  • Maintain and culture human iPS cell-derived neurons using sterile technique
  • Develop and optimize cell culture conditions to improve high throughput screening capabilities
  • Modify cultured cells by lentiviral delivery of DNA constructs encoding components for all- optical electrophysiological recordings
  • Perform immunocytochemistry and fluorescence microscopy of cultured neurons
  • Manage tissue culture laboratory operations including purchasing of lab equipment, reagents and supplies, establishing SOPs and keeping accurate and up-to-date work logs
  • Assist in maintenance of cell culture facility
  • Order and prepare media, buffers and reagents necessary for cell culture.


  • Master’s degree in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology, or a related field and
  • One (1) year of hands-on experience in mammalian cell culture.
  • Strong background in molecular biology and cell biology through coursework and lab experience;
  • Experience with basic molecular techniques: DNA/RNA extraction, PCR, qPCR and transfection methods;
  • Ability to work independently and in cross-functional teams;
  • Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.

Please send your cover letter, resume and salary requirements to Due to the large volume of applicants we are unable to accommodate phone calls.