Research Associate, High Content Fluorescence Microscopy & Compound Handling


Q-State Biosciences is seeking a highly motivated Research Associate to help execute its cutting-edge drug discovery and chemical screening efforts. The Research Associate will support both compound handling and high throughput imaging across multiple projects. They will work closely with Q-State’s scientific and management teams to design and carry out research and screening projects in a high quality and scientifically rigorous fashion.


Compound Handling

  • Assist with compound receiving, registration and dilution of incoming powders/plates
  • Participate in preparation of all compound plates
    • Library plates (384 or 96 well plates)
    • Dilution series plates (384 or 96 well plates)
    • Cherry picking plates (384 or 96 well plates)
    • Screening plates (384 or 96 well plates)
    • Near assay ready plates (384 or 96 well plates)
  • Ensure compound requests are met in a timely fashion
  • Communicate with Project Team Leaders and scientists via e-mail, phone, and face to face to ensure good communication on compound handling activities
  • As needed, assist with supply ordering, receiving or other duties around the lab

Optical-electrophysiology/Fluorescence Microscopy

  • Make optical-electrophysiology/fluorescence microscopy recordings on Q-State’s custom-built, highly automated Firefly microscopes
  • Assist in high throughput screening campaigns (small molecule and phenotypic screens)
  • Shepard large datasets through the data analysis pipeline
  • Keep accurate and up-to-date work logs
  • Order and prepare buffers and other reagents for imaging and HTS campaigns
  • Help with general maintenance of liquid handling equipment and custom microscopes
  • Assist in the generation and implementation of standard operating procedures


Minimum Qualifications Required

  • A Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, engineering, or a related field
  • A minimum of one year of hands-on experience in fluorescence microscopy
  • A minimum of one year of experience handling small molecules, preferably experience preparing compounds in both 96-well and 384-well plate formats
  • Ability to work independently and in cross-functional teams
  • Flexibility to work in a dynamic startup atmosphere with a “do what it takes” attitude
  • Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills

Additional Qualifications Desired

  • Experience with high-throughput screening and associated automation a plus
  • Experience in electrophysiology is a plus
  • Experience with MATLAB or other programming language is a plus
  • Flexibility to work an early or late shift to ease instrument scheduling is a plus

To apply for this job, please visit the Q-State Career Center