Discovery, Illuminated

Q-State is a discovery technology and therapeutics company that combines advanced human cellular models, unique measurement engineering and AI / ML into a proprietary platform that enables novel discovery of optimized genetically targeted medicines for epilepsy, pain, and other diseases of the CNS.

Hear a description of our scientific vision from CSO Graham Dempsey

The Challenge

Traditional drug discovery efforts for CNS disorders have significant limitations. The CNS is a uniquely challenging field given the complexity of target tissue, and a translational gap exists where non-clinical models typically fail to reproduce human biology and deliver robust datasets. We have built our platform to traverse this gap.

Our Approach

We integrate powerful enabling technologies along three axes—advanced human biology, determinative measurement engineering, and algorithmic analysis—into a proprietary platform that redefines CNS drug discovery.

Our Vision

Our cutting-edge tools and capabilities form an integrated first-of-its-kind platform for addressing critical challenges in CNS therapeutic discovery. We are quickly progressing a pipeline of 12 internal proprietary and partnered collaboration programs, with 2 partnered programs expected to enter the clinic by the end of 2021.