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Building Technology-Derived Medicines

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Q-State is a discovery technology and therapeutics company that combines advanced human cellular models, unique measurement engineering and AI / ML into a proprietary platform that enables novel discovery of optimized genetically targeted medicines for epilepsy, pain, and other diseases of the CNS.
About Q-State
We lead at the convergence of three powerful technology axes.
Our platform uses an advanced suite of cutting-edge biology, engineering, and technology to identify proprietary therapeutic candidates with greater precision at an early stage of development, thereby increasing the probability of success of delivering better optimized therapeutics to patients.


Patient Derived
Neuronal Models
Our cellular models capture the entirety of the human genome and the complexities of its biology. Ultra-large scale and meticulous culture techniques produce exquisite consistency to provide a solid foundation for the discovery process.


In a fraction of a second, our proprietary technologies measure hundreds of different molecular properties associated with cellular function per neuron. Vast datasets quantify these parameters with resolution at the single neuron and single action potential levels.


AI & Machine
Our analytics algorithmically identify the subtlest molecular changes that underlie disease status and therapeutic response. These insights offer a new lens to understanding disease and power the optimization of therapeutic candidates with greater translational potential.
We have garnered exciting collaborations with a variety of industry leaders. 
We welcome partnership opportunities with other organizations seeking to develop novel therapeutics for serious diseases.
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Behind our cutting-edge technologies and drug discovery efforts is an amazing team.
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