Our Story

Q-State Biosciences is an integrated drug discovery company built around proprietary stem cell and optogenetic technologies.  Our mission is to develop precision diagnostics and treatments for disorders of the nervous and cardiac systems through the integration of human cellular and animal models of disease using advanced measurement technologies. 

Q-State is a drug discovery company with expertise in:

  • Patient-derived stem cells and disease modeling
  • Functional drug screening in neurons and cardiac cells
  • Cardio- and neuro-toxicity testing
  • Patient stratification for clinical trials

Adam Cohen TEDxCambridge, 2015

The Q-State technology is qualitatively unique for its ability to provide patch clamp-like data, with higher throughput, lower cost, and higher information content than current manual or automated patch clamp assays, and with better temporal and spatial resolution and lower phototoxicity than other optical screening tools.

In the video below, listen to Q-State co-founder Adam Cohen describe the Q-State technology and how we use it to develop new diagnostics and therapies for debilitating diseases of the nervous system.